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Scientific study online exam management system for school and college

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What is an Online Exam Management System, and what are its benefits?

Online Exam Management is a software that helps in conducting online assessments and exams in school. It makes the work of a school easy by saving valuable time and giving up on pen-and-paper formats. Scientific Study Online Exam Management Software keeps a well-established record of the student's performance on all the tests and discourages activities like paper leaks

  1. Create / Import / Manage Questions
  2. Create and manage online exams
  3. Manage online exam schedules and notify students
  4. Launch online exam and monitor live exams
  5. Allow students to retake exams
  6. Declare exam result to students
  7. Analyze exam result through reports
  8. Export online exam marks

Scientific study online exam management software


Create / Import / Manage Questions

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. Multiple Selection
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. True/ False
  5. Short question
  6. Descriptive question

questions in school management software
school examination management system

Manage exams

Take control of online exams

  1. Create online exams
  2. Schedule online exams
  3. Notify updates
  4. Generate question papers
  5. Generate question banks
  6. Reuse exams

Online exam timetable

Manage a complete online exam timetable and share with students and teachers

Scientific study school managment software  - online time table management
Scientific study school managment software  - Online exams result

Online exams result

  1. Declare online exams results
  2. Analyze online exams results
  3. Share online exams results
  4. Publish or export marks to school exams

Improve teaching and learning environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best Online Exam Management Software System must provide a user-friendly experience for the students and teachers operating it. It must contain a well-structured pattern that clearly defines the marking scheme and timing for the entire test or exam. Moreover, its data should be backed up for future records of the question banks. Scientific Study Online Exam Management ERP can be easily operated from devices such as mobile phones, desktops, and laptops

Scientific Study offers the service of an online demo in case a school needs one. To avail of this offer, a school can select the ‘Online Demo’ option from our website. Furthermore, they’ll be redirected to a page where they can choose “See It In Action”, “Book Demo”, “Request Callback,” or “Start Using It For Free And Real Use” as per their requirements

All the necessary features are included in an efficient online exam management software package. As a result, the Scientific Study Online Exam ERP offers excellent pricing for institutions like yours. Visit our "Contact Us" page and send us your questions if you want more information

An effective school management software package comprises all the necessary features that generate results with ease. Therefore, the Scientific Study School ERP tool provides great pricing for schools like yours. Visit our "Contact Us" page and express your questions if you are interested in learning more.

The team at Scientific Study has successfully developed the best School Management Software that focuses on improving the digital exposure of a school by modernising it as per the online curriculum’s requirements. It brings parents, students, and teachers to one platform where they can connect. Furthermore, it cuts the overall expenses for administrative tasks and admissions marketing for a school. Moreover, we give schools the advantage of getting listed among the top institutes in their cities by simply getting registered on our Directory Page. Apart from this, a school can hire for different positions from the Hiring Page without facing stress. In addition, schools get the opportunity to post different blogs and articles on the website, Qul Beans, regarding the curriculum, competitions, and school toppers to build a better audience for upcoming admissions.